Thanks for visiting my site. I've had an interest in music since I was young. I sing, play guitar, bass, and piano. I started recording my own music in 2009 and have since worked on several projects. I always strive for improvement and look forward to the future of my music.



Hey guys, I'm on vacation! I recorded this song for my new album (The Public Broadcast). It has a nice sound to it so I decided it would be a good introduction to my new project. Thanks for visiting and all, enjoy! 

Tyler's Birthday 2014


 Album Teaser

Stay tuned for more info and gig dates, and as always thanks for listening!

First Day of Fall 2013



 2013 Version

Over The Moon.mp3 Over The Moon.mp3
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 2009(?) Version

Over The Moon (jam days).mp3 Over The Moon (jam days).mp3
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Over The Moon

I wrote this when I was 15 for the most awesome girl ever and rerecorded it yesterday. It's inspiring and it brings back some terrific memories. I'll also include the original version. Enjoy! 

July 2013




Hi. I'm working on some new songs right now. I'm also working with some cool new recording software, and some old friends from Public Broadcast as well as some new ones. Very excited to hopefully feature some new instruments, ideas, and outlooks in my new music. I'm also rehearsing some of my current songs for some future acoustic shows, more on that later. As I'm going to take some more care and time in recording and writing new songs, here's some great music you might not have heard to listen to while if you're waiting (oh and here's some more). I'll post any scheduled dates up here when they arise. Until then, take it easy. 

Memorial Day 2013


Spoofed EP

Took a break from recording for a while after Dawes. Since then I've continued to take a laid back approach to not only my music, but my recording. The songs that appear on Spoofed are all acoustic and were all recorded from sometime in mid-November to around now in early 2013. The title track is an instrumental that I liked and threw in. I think these songs aren't just different from Dawes because they're acoustic but because they have a different theme to them. Listen for yourself and see what you think. As always, email me if you like what you hear. Thanks!

January 2013






I'm pretty excited to have my music heard by friends and family. Dawes is a collection of tracks I recorded/ wrote in June and July of 2012. It has a very lo-fi sound, and I'll admit most of the songs were done on only one take. I decided I was content with conveying the general musical idea of each song and I'm happy I didn't take a lot of time to try to record each one absolutely perfectly. One of the main themes of Dawes is friendship and change. Some other themes include love, insecurity, seclusion, death, mental illness, and poverty. There are two covers, one of UB40's rendition of Neil Diamond's Red Red Wine, the other of the Pixie's song Ana. Dawes is varied stylistically, so I hope everyone can find at least one song they enjoy.

If you enjoy the album, shoot me an email with your name and your choice of either digital or disk format (the disk has 5 bonus tracks), I'll send a copy to you ASAP.

August 2012

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